We do things that others don't even dream off and we do it underwater!


What we do and how we can help you.

We are the dive industry fixers, we can help you fix your business.


We produce all kinds of movie caves, flooded mines, ultracold waters of the antarctic circle no problem.
Social media films take a look at our 60 seconds productions, dedicated to social media.

Underwater photography

Underwater photography cold water is no problem for us, no job too hard, whatever you need:
- product session
- social media
- catalog products photos
- model session we will take care of that. We cooperate with the most famous photographers from around the world.

Social media

Lack of time too busy for social media management let us take the job - no Facebook nor Instagram too scary for us youtube no problem.
Problems with content leave that to us we will take care of that we create the proper content for your company profile.

Web design

Will design, create your new website, online store, you don't the time or idea how it should look leave that to us let our teamwork and focus on things you do the best.
- problems with content let us take care of that we will provide you with:
- text
- blog editing
- social media photos
- social media texts
- astonishing web page photos


We are designers from the heart and divers from the soul let us design your: - logo
- web page
- leaflets
- fair stand
- business card
- or maybe your next best selling product
- want to go "eco" let us design the whole packing range
- need new product in your offer - no problem just remember related to diving and its no problem for us 😉
We are here to help you.

We will inform the press.

Too busy running your daily business, let us take care of informing the world of your new products ideas, we will write:
- press release and send it and make sure its published in the most important magazines in Europe
- we will take care of all public relations in your company

Our Creative team

From passion and love to diving.

Media Partners

Our partners in Europe - with who we cooperate.

Keep In Touch

Questions, request for offer don't hesitate to leave us a message.

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